FO: Fred and George socks by Rachel Coopey

A pair of socks in 8 days?!
Roo, what has come over you?
Oh yes… the Waiting Room factor.
I won’t plague you with the details other than to say that FL’s planned bone marrow test did not go ahead today because they LOST HIS BLOOD SAMPLE.
I have no words.
It happened to another patient too.  His wife was screaming and crying.  I… knitted.
Back again tomorrow for another try.

Fred and George Socks by Rachel Coopey

Yarn Yard Toddy, a 75 / 25 wool / nylon mix.  I have only good things to say about this yarn base.  Soft, squooshy, and hopefully hard-wearing.  The green was a Small Skein Society club colour.  The purple was my prize in the Coopknits Ravelry Group KAL for Willowherb.
I used 2.5mm dpns, except for the colourwork, where I used 2.75mm dpns to increase stretchiness, as my gauge is tighter in colourwork.  I learned this lesson the hard way.

My most-favourite socks ever, in my sock-knitting history!
The colours are completely insane.
The mis-matching makes me happier than a sensible person would admit.
But who needs sensible when they can have hand-knitted socks?!
Woo hoo!