FO: Convergent – a Test Knit Shawl

Ta da!
Finally I can reveal the results of my 12-day test-knitting adventure!
This is the Convergent Shawl by Josh Ryks of Geoknittrix Designs, presenter of the Sword of a Knitter podcast.
The moment I saw the yarns that Josh was using for his prototype, I knew I had to test-knit the design, sight unseen.  Because as you know, I am all about neon at the moment!

The funny thing is, that there turquoise blue is not actually intended to be glow-in-the-dark.
But set against the neon yellow flashes in the Online sock yarn I used for Colour A, it absolutely blazes with electricity!

This shawl has a very clever construction.
I won’t divulge the secret sauce, but you can probably see that it changes direction partway through.
My job as a test-knitter was to make sure that the instructions as written produced the intended shape.
I was working “blind”, without any pictures of Josh’s version, which was an interesting challenge. And a good one!
I enjoyed the interactivity of checking the maths and comparing notes with Josh, alongside the discipline of doing what I was told and reporting back with the results.

And the results are pretty spectacular!
I love the textures and the geometry of this beast.
It is a tricky to get a photograph of the whole thing.

I am tempted to pin it on the wall as a piece of art!

But really I just want to wear it :)

Pattern:  Convergent by Josh Ryks, Geoknittrix
Yarn:  100g of OnLine Supersocke 100 Neon Color Two (01731) and about 60g of Atomic City Fibers sock yarn in the colour Oppenheimer’s Blue Cadillac.
I only had to break into the second 50g skein of the turquoise after the first edge of the i-cord bind-off, so you could do it with 50g if you were willing to bind off in a contrasting yarn – a mini skein perhaps?
But I came pretty close to using the whole 100g ball of the Supersocke.

A whole lot of fun!
It is one of those “episodic” patterns that keep the knitter interested with something new to do and think about every time they pick it up.
I can testify that you can trust this designer to know what he is talking about – just do what you are told and you will get a beautiful shawl out of it!

PS:  The shawl pin was a gift.  I’m sorry I don’t know where it came from, but there are similar ones on Etsy.
And yes, that’s my new navv sweater-dress from Gather and See.
Huge!  Comfy! Just try to prise me out of it!