FO: Acorn Mitts, or The Power of the Carrot


There’s nothing like a bit of self-bribery to get me motivated.

I finished my Acorn Mitts last weekend, but decided not to blog about them until my prize arrived!  I rewarded myself for this altruistic knit with a beautiful new notebook and some stickers.  Yes, I am a big kid.  You knew this already.

I want to try writing again.  Obviously I have the blog, but I want to try to get back into the habit of playing with the written word.  Pen and paper is my chosen medium.  I spend my day at a computer so the last thing I want to do in my spare time is continue to type.  This notebook was a bit more expensive than I planned to spend on a “reward”, but I think it is worth it.  Even its title is inspiring:  “Un Recueil d’Essais“.  Why, yes it is in French, for extra romantic intrigue and pose-value :S  It means:  “A Volume of Essays”.  You never know, it might even encourage me to improve my language skills.

The stickers were just irresistible.  If you love stationery as much as me, get yourself over to the Magic Notebook shop and be prepared to swoon.  Those little flowers and butterflies are washi tape (free) samples – so pretty!

The Acorns were knitted from two Zauberballs – leftovers from the Transatlantic shawl I made The Boy for Christmas 2011.  The pattern was from a back issue (15) of Knit Now magazine.  See my Ravelry page here.

The Acorns had barely had their ends darned in when I cast on another two altruistic projects!

The first is a super-quick aran-weight headband:  Spirograph.  I thought I had enough Blackstone Tweed leftover from my Pom Pom It hat, but forgot that I had used a lot of yardage to make the actual Pom Pom.  So I had to stop knitting just seven repeats into the pattern.  I have ordered another skein.  This is not exactly stash-busting behaviour, but it seemed a shame to abandon the project or mess it up by trying to do something stripey with other leftovers.  No pictures yet…

My second new project is a pair of Glasgow School Mitts.  These have a deadline attached.  So much for pre-planning!  It is a lovely pattern but the 2.25mm needles and twisted rib are aggravating my back-to-work RSI.  I am trying to pace myself.  I should still have enough time…

I am using Fyberspates Sparkle in Blackcurrant, leftover from my Veyla Mitts project (Christmas 2011).  It is a merino / silk / nylon mix with 2% sterling silver – oooh! It has great stitch definition, is pretty soft, and has added twinkley pizzazz from the silver.  I refuse to consider the possibility that I might not have enough yarn.  It will be fine.  Won’t it?

Oh… and this is what I wore to work today:  my latest Airelle with the Mustard cord skirt, ethical-attempt cardigan and the beautiful shawl I received for Christmas.  Yes, this look breaks every single New Year’s Resolution:  muddy shoes (not shown), no jacket and fuzzy hair. What can I say?  I think I need to work up to it.  Maybe I need to find a reward scheme for looking smarter at work!