FO: A Slouchy Tee for The Girl

 Another “simple black top” for The Girl.
This one was supposed to be easier to make because, let’s face it, it is not much more than 4 rectangles with a neck curve.
The pattern is from Female (Japanese) pattern magazine, Spring 2012, and I used it to make this top.
We cut it from leftovers from The Girls’ first Summer Concert tee and my black Plantain tee.
So it was basically free.
Not bad!

The back and sleeves are lace.
We were right down to the selvedge to cut the back, so it has an intriguing neon yellow edge – cool!

I helped her out by sewing the satin bias binding to the neckline, because that lace can be bad-tempered.
It is somewhat more off-the-shoulder than I would wear… but I am not 18.
In retrospect, she could have left the sleeves off and still have had arm-coverage.
We decided not to try to hem the sleeves (that lace…) so they are raw-edged.
She could always cut the sleeves off and bind the armholes if they get too raggedy.
That’s the last of our summer sewing holiday projects – she’s off home to London on Monday.
It’s been fun!