Flu or Cold?

Well, I’m still sick as a dog.  Stuffy nose, sore throat & cough.  This is my last day of antibiotics and not seeing a huge relief…..As for Tony, he is getting worse tonight.  The oncology department gave the green light for antibiotics for him.  But, he has to see Family doctor and he wasn’t in.  We will get the prescription first thing in the morning.  I’m worried……he really needs to slow down!  When he’s on those steroids, he is a freight train.  Nothing can stop him!!!!!  He doesn’t listen to me to take it slow. He just wants to knock off his “to do” list—-yesterday!   HIGH ENERGY!!!! Today is his first day off steroids so he’s crashing hard tonight at home.  Can barely stay awake.  Looks very exhausted.
I have a heavy heart tonight……. :(

PS: Chemo day is Wednesday this week as our regular doctor is on vacation.  I hope they don’t postpone his treatment this week because of his health.