flowers to dinner

We were happy to receive an invitation to dinner from a fellow mm-er. We brought along this bouquet of flowers. It is not often that we meet but this friendship that grew from our common malady has blossomed in a special way. TJ is almost 9 years and had several serious relapses and each time he recovered well enough to do what he feels passionate about. He may soon have to start treatment again and not looking forward to it (who would.)
Of course we talked about the medication his doctor is recommending for him and as it worked before it may again help to bring the numbers down. But he also recalled that he came down with pneumonia soon after. The combination of med brought down his immunity and landed him in ICU. This time his doctor assured him of lower dosage and cautioned him not to be out in crowded places during treatment.
However the interesting part of the night’s conversation was really on his passions. He spends his time and resources on buying parcels of land in Philippines, Myanmar and Nepal. As a trained architect, he provides the technical expertise to build churches on the land. I am really amazed at his generosity and his desire to travel to these under-developed countries. He kept saying how he wish the doctor could delay the treatment and he would want to visit these countries overseeing some on-going projects and meet the workers there. His wife interjected and reminded him that he needs to get his priorities right, start treatment, get better and there will be another day to travel.
I really hope and pray that his treatment will get the myeloma under control and his acts of love can continue to bless many.