Well, I’m up here in VT while half my home state is under water. Tim woke up with what I guess was
a wicked migraine, got sick to his stomach ,and I gave him an Ativan. He feels MUCH better. That stuff is awesome. His dad was walking around in a rotten mood, knowing his power in NJ was out, therefore his basement is taking on water with no pump running. I was tempted to slip him an Ativan!!! Olivia’s friends were posting photos on facebook and even though we don’t generally get water in our house or our 2 family, I have NEVER seen floods like this in my life. I started
to worry about my rental. A little river is right behind it but we are elevated from it quite a bit. Luckily, my sis and bro-in-law checked both houses and we are dry and I am so thankful. My downstairs tenant is “stuck” in Hilton Head and we had to check her apt. because part if it is on the basement level. All is OK. The river has greatly overflown its banks and is raging like crazy just about 30 or so feet from the back of the house so my upstairs tenants have a heck of a view, but as long as it stays out there, we look to be getting through Irene
in good shape.