Five Big Ones

With the house about ready to be gutted for renovation, I’ve been giving thought to what I should do for the time we can’t be in the house. Two or three weeks we’ll have to vacate. The power and water will be on and off, continual noise, all of the windows removed… it will be necessary for us to get out of the way. Since I keep getting ripped off for vacation trips, I thought that maybe this might be a good time to vacate. For the past few summers I have been wanting to go somewhere festive and warm. A place on a beach with warm ocean to languish in. I think about jet skis and and tours and the other elements of vacation. But it never failed, something came up and so the possibe trips never materialized. But now, well, now just might be the time.

I did a little checking with the travel websites and discovered something. I looked at Oahu, Hawaii, San Diego, California, Padre Island, Texas, and Key West, Florida. Oh, I checked on Bermuda too. In each and every case, it would cost $5000 for travel and accommodations. How can that be? Why does it cost the same to go and stay a week in San Diego as it does Key West? Or Hawaii, whatever. How can that be? I mean, if it costs $5k to go to Hawaii for a week, then it seems like San Diego or Key West ought to be about $1200. There should damn well be a serious discount for American citizens visiting the lower 48.