First Post on the 10s for My 10th Year of Myeloma Survival


Happy New Year!
Happy 10th year of Survival to me :))
Hello to 2020 and Blog Posts on the 10’s!

Of course I had so many ideas for what I wanted to write this first post of 2020, the first post on the 10s, of my 10th year of Myeloma survival…


All those ideas are still simmering, and stewing and brewing…
Just don’t want to start off 2020 with Negativity, Sadness, Frustration, Disappointments, and being Melancholy… So this post will be all about many the things I am Grateful for, within all the overwhelming unexpected life changes I have had to confront, accept and adjust to…

Yes, I have so much to be Grateful for!
Where do I begin…

I’m grateful for modern bathrooms, specifically MY bathroom
I’m grateful for toilet paper and wipes
I’m grateful my body can process in, and out, all the complex, chemical treatments I currently endure and have endured for over 10 years to survive the 10 years I have! …

And with that… I’ll be back! Because you know why…


Things I Am Grateful for this new 2020 year:
Surviving Myeloma for 10+ years with the type of life I
still have
So grateful for-
Medical Science Research creating all the chemo chemicals
saving my life
Scientists, Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Pharma staff,
All Medical Staff
My incredible Insurance that pays for all my treatments
The convenience of Kaiser treatment centers so close to
The friendliness of most all of the staff members I
encounter in person and on the phone
Goes without saying…
I am beyond beyond beyond grateful for all the Loving, Caring, Supportive, giving, helpful, helping people in my life!

Beyond grateful for my loving Family, amazing Caregivers, sweet Friends, Supporters, You, people that
work for us, help us, and those that understand and empathize with our medical disaster

So grateful for all the people that create, make, process, sell, deliver all the products
and services we need to stay alive and maintain the life we have

I am so grateful to be living in a country that can
provide the all the Health Care available to me and others suffering with
health issues
I am grateful for all the modern conveniences that make
my life easier to navigate
I am grateful I have a car to get me to treatments
I am grateful for all the mechanics, technicians that
make my vehicles safe and for the Auto Club that rescues me when my battery
I am so grateful for electricity, water, heat, and all
the appliances in my home
I am grateful for all the Veterinarians that take care of
my critters
I am grateful for all the people that grow hay for my
horses, and for Fox Feed that delivers to my barn
I am grateful for all the companies that make and create
products for all the animals we have that we rescued

I’m grateful for all our animals that give us so much love and laughs
I’m grateful I am able to still care for all of them
I am grateful for my old horses getting older with me
I am grateful for all the lives we’ve saved

I am grateful for all the food producers, farms,
companies, businesses that create the unbelievable food choices that Americans
I am so grateful for technology, connecting all of us
together, and connecting everything together, and making my life so much easier
as an incurable, immune compromised, never ending cancer patient

I am grateful for TV, as I never watched so much TV in all my life, since being a sickie
I am grateful for books, magazines, and anything I can read, and the authors that write as they do

I am so grateful I am able to grateful
I am so grateful I am able to write about what I am
grateful for
I am grateful for all the years Jim and worked and worked
and worked, so we are able to stay in our home, despite the complete
devastation from both our awful, terrible, incurable illnesses
I am so grateful for the 35 amazing years I had as a college counselor 
I am grateful I still have a functioning brain
I am grateful I still have a functioning body, no matter
how awful my daily, weekly side effects are
I am grateful for all my senses. Every single one of them
are so vital to quality of life.
I am so very grateful for the beauty of nature, this
earth, the sun, the sky, the moon, the stars, the animals, the trees, the flowers, the grass, every single part of nature I am so grateful for
I am grateful for all that keeps this life going that I
know nothing of
I am grateful for the power of the Universe that I don’t
understand, but hope to one day…
I am grateful I am still independent, and can basically
do whatever I want, whenever I want, however I want, … although I really can’t do much of
anything because of daily, weekly side effects, but I am so grateful for the
option that I can, if I could

Later today I have CT scan on my Head, as I’ve had non stop headaches for about a month now. Started with the lousy head cold I had mid December 2019, then continued and continued and continued. So I finally went to Urgent Care last Friday, and the Dr ordered the CT head scan. I know I have pre existing lesions, holes and a “hard” external tumor-lump on my head, so it will be interesting to see what the scan shows… more on that next post on the 10’s!

Thank you for reading and caring as you do! Hope all is well with your 2020!