February week one update.

I thought I would update the blog so everyone knows what’s going on. Mike was only in hospital Monday night. They drained his chest on the Tuesday after which he decided he wanted to be at home. The doctors tried to argue with him, but the reality, whether we like it or not, is that the nursing staff just haven’t the time or possibly inclination, to be constantly checking up on people. Mike doesn’t like being left alone in a side room for eight hours at a time, unable to walk further than the bathroom and with nothing to occupy him other than four blank walls. No TV, no radio, a newspaper that he has finished reading. They couldn’t say where the infection was, it wasn’t his chest as that had been x-rayed, Mike reckons it was more to do with the eye infection he had been suffering from for a month. At home he is comfortable, gets fed when he asks, and has me running around after him. 

Amidst all the sadness however we do still have moments of laughter. On Friday Mike went to see a funeral director to get a quote and begin to sort out what he wants. While we were sitting there Mike said that the one thing he regretted was not being able to get to Australia. The lady said that it was possible, if I take his ashes to her and get them officially sealed, I will be given special paperwork which will allow them to be taken through customs. I can take him with me. So at some point we will be going to Australia, with Mike in my luggage, that’s one way to save on airfares! Mike says I must take photos of him while I’m there.