First February Photo Friday

That’s a mouthful of a title! Happy February one and all. It is currently raining here, no surprise there then. 

As usual I am left wondering where January went. For a month with the full complement of 31 days it doesn’t half go quickly, has anyone else noticed that? Let’s hope the next four weeks don’t go so quickly, every day counts when you’re clinging on to a decade! 

Last night we watched a wonderful programme “Secret Life of Dogs” narrated by Martin Clunes. The dogs they featured were all amazing. One bottle fed lambs on a farm, another was a search and rescue dog and another, Max, diagnosed his owner’s breast cancer. There were tears for Endal the assistance dog who had died in his owner’s lap and joy at simply knowing what dogs mean to so many people.

Toni aged 3 months the day after we got her. 

Up until we got Toni I thought I was a cat person, I’d only ever had cats as pets. But since her arrival I have come to realise that I am in fact a dog person. I will never again be without a dog. She makes me laugh, she has kept me company when Mike has been in hospital and I cannot imagine life without her.

The following “video” is photos of Toni along with the noise she makes when I leave her. My daughter caught her doing it one day when she thought no one else was in the house.

It seems she can’t live without us either.

4:30 pm  A quick add-on, the rain stopped around lunchtime and I was able to get out into the garden to plant the hanging baskets with primulas. 

I didn’t use a flash and yet the yellow primula still shines like a buttercup! :-)