Fire and Ice

Neon Monkey sock

 The colours of my current sock are those of a birchwood campfire on a crisp winter’s day.

Lone Wolf magazine

My literary landscape is Iceland.
Beautiful Wreck by Larissa Brown.  I won the e-book in a giveaway on the Fiberista Files podcast.  It tool me until yesterday to start reading and now I am transfixed.

Arthur Rackham – Undine
This is not my sort of book – and yet it really is! 
I entered the giveaway in the hope of winning Larissa’s knitting patterns:  Shieldmaiden Knits
And I did… but it is the novel which has captivated me.  Now I want to knit all the things.  To fully immerse myself. 
To breathe in Old Norse as if its habitat was deep within the smell of the wool.

Arctic Fire Tea and Bjork

 It feels as if everything has come together in one groundswell of influences.

Caesious Curl – yarn from Highland Handmades

I picked up my Curl, and I realised that it was all part of the same moment.
The yarn was dyed by Heather of Highland Handmades who hosts the Fiberista Files.

So this weekend I am curled up with my Icelandic knitting (Kex is a hostel in Reykjavik – you knew that, right?), drinking my Arctic Fire tea, and daydreaming about Viking princesses.
Join me?