Fingers crossed

Today I have a 4 0′clock appointment with my consultant. I will get some blood results and the results from my bone biopsy. Having not being feeling well for the last few days I am a little bit worried. Hopefully the fatigue will be explained away as something to expect after my body has been through so much and nothing else.
Nevertheless I find it very depressing and frustrating to be forced to lie about and be constantly reminded of my illness.

This month my pay check was half it usually is which is another worry. I am sure we will adjust some how but it’s going to get worse yet. Hopefully I will feel well enough to get on with my book and get some sort of part time work. It all seems so unfair but life isn’t fair really is it? At least I know I am loved by my darling husband and family.

On a brighter note I look forward to seeing my daughter and grandson tomorrow and then seeing my other daughter sometime soon.

Keep on smiling :)

Deborah x