Finding JOY! in Me Made May 2015

My pledge for Me Made May 2015 read:

‘I, Roobeedoo, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’15.  I endeavour to wear me-made clothes that bring me joy (ooh – there’s the catch!) each day for the duration of May 2015′

What I wore on 2 June 2015

The Sources of JOY!:
I wore 11 out of the 20 me-made items in my wardrobe that I had designated as work-appropriate, plus my new Maya top.
Out of these 12 items, 8 gave me JOY!:  5 tops, 1 dress, 1 skirt and 1 pair of culottes.
A further 4 RTW items registered JOY!:  3 tops and 1 cardigan.

Bottom half:
Dark denim Peggy skirt:  7 times
70’s Culottes:  6 times

Jersey tops:
Stripey Renfrew t shirt:  2 times

Woven tops:
Raindrops on Roses top:  1 time
Seersucker Portfolio top:  2 times
Vicar’s Wife back-buttoned top:  2 times
Seersucker Maya top (new in May):  2 times

Joyful woven me-made tops

Nani Iro double gauze dress:  2 times

The Joy-filled RTW items I wore were
Howies tartan shirt:  2 times
Refashioned-by-me white broderie vintage top:  1 time
Brora long-sleeve tee:  1 time
Boden black cashmere mix cardigan:  18 times

So what DIDN’T I choose to wear?
My black cotton jacket – I feel more like “me” in a cropped cardi.
Love Cats dress, Bluebirds dress, 40’s tea dress – the Nani Iro dress is easier to wear than any of these… but I still like them and will keep them and most likely wear them.
My mustard and watermelon linen Chardon skirts – they felt too bright and I didn’t know what to wear on my legs. I made an effort to wear the mustard one today – I like it, but I may have looked a bit crazy.
My dark denim Kelly skirt – it felt uncomfortably tight on my waist  – I got as far as the car one day and ran back inside to change!

Questions posed:
I don’t know what to wear on my feet or legs in warm weather – mad coloured tights feel too eccentric, but it is too cold to go without… and is it possible that Doc Marten boots will feel too hot in July / August?

Do you think anyone noticed I wore the same black cardi almost every day?!

Happy (but seasonally inappropriate) Feet!

Lessons Learned :

  • I prefer to wear a woven vintage-style top to work – they look smarter
  • The only tees that feel appropriate for work are very close-fitting
  • I prefer a simple, figure-skimming dress rather than one with fussy details
  • I prefer plain, dark coloured skirts
  • I can’t bear tight waistbands!
  • I only wear comfortable footwear 

What does this mean?

I could live comfortably with a much smaller wardrobe…but I was excited to welcome my new Maya top into rotation, so I do actually enjoy having new things!

Silly Old Suitcase beads – my accessory of choice :)

And after all this… do I need (or want) anything new?

Footwear – I am considering a pair of clogs and / or a pair of Doc Marten sandals.
Trousers – a full-length pair and a cropped pair.
Skirts – at least one more everyday staple skirt.
Tights – non-crazy-coloured cotton?
Knickers – a borderline emergency situation!

And finally…any closing remarks?
My Doc Marten boots bring me JOY!
My Silly Old Suitcase beads bring me JOY!
My hand knitted shawls bring me JOY!

So despite my failure to snap a selfie every day in May, I reckon the Me Made self-analysis more than made up for it!