Finally, the end is near…….

From the Friday before Christmas until now……”we” have been dealing with Pneumonia/Bronchitis. My honey spent one night, in the hospital, and I think the IV fluids/antibiotics did wonders to help turn him around and begin to get better. He isn’t great about “sharing” information (I’m still searching for that class in ESP or mind-reading), but when you’ve lived with a man for over 50 years, you begin to be able to read some of the signs. He’s talking more, and it doesn’t seem to hurt so much when he gets up out of a chair (lungs are getting better).

He was supposed to use the Isometer every hour that he’s awake …..and I’m just sure he’s been awake for more than 2 – 4 hours in a day…..but that’s about how much it has been used! I’m not sure why he hates that little device so much – but he does.  My “Hester” stubborn streak (one of the things I inherited from my mother) appeared, and I decided that he is an adult…..knows he needs to do it… I’m not saying a word!! Thank goodness, he’s getting better without it. 

His appetite is non-existent and food makes him nauseous. This isn’t anything brought on by the Bronchitis, so it’s probably a side-effect of one of the antibiotics. Thank goodness, there are only a few days remaining. We’re currently on an oatmeal, grilled cheese sandwiches and chicken noodle soup diet.

If he HAS to be sick, winter is such a good time. It’s a great time to stay indoors – lots of pajama days in front of the fire. How miserable it would be if the weather was good, and he didn’t feel well enough to be oustide.

Now, not that I’m a pessimist, but I have to wonder…….what’s coming next?  We’re finally nearing the end of this Pneumonia/Bronchitis thing……and I’m just hoping that there’s nothing else planned (God’s plan) for him, in the near future. Dear God….please let him be well, for a little while.