Finally… Some Updates

Hi All,

I’m well and still kicking… Thank God!

I know it’s been awhile but I’ve been active on my twitter, so if not blogging I’ve been live on other forms of social media. I’ve been busy with life in general, whether work, forming businesses, Dr appts… it can be a bit taxing. Well one of the developments is forming a wellness training program for ….. you guessed it- people like me and possibly you. I’ve encountered a lot the last few years but through it all, I’ve been consistent with physical self. Now, what does that mean you ask? Well I’ve tried to stay fit and active to the best of my abilities. It’s not easy taking dex, rev,acyclovir, velcade… more recently carfilzomib. Quite frankly a lady gets tired and at times sluggish; However, I’ve worked out details to persevere despite the “sleepy syndrome” I like to call it. I really don’t know how I do the things I do, and how my body is still functioning as we’ve been through a lot together.

Ensuring my weight and physical activity is so important. You must be active in any shape of form possible with a chronic condition. When I was seeking a trainer a few years back, something told me this may not work, so I looked into how I can train as a trainer for those like me. What I mean by this is a trainer who is mindful and quite frankly understands my condition. When I first researched multiple myeloma through those sites with damning news basically estimated my time here on earth would be a wrap in 5 years. Well I’m happy and blessed to say I’m 8 years in. My condition is maintained, my numbers are remarkably going down… my latest m- spike is zero. Happy dance…. well not so fast, because again those side effects are real readers.
-Dabble with high blood pressure.
-Leg discomfort.
-Lesions on spine.
-Weight gain.. it’s usually the other way around but those steroids I suppose. I get the munchies every now and then but not for my weight to be ridiculous- so I’ll blame this on the steroids.
-Swollen hand joints that comes and goes…. crazy stuff.
-Neuropathy at thumb (I know crazy… but could be worst as I’ve heard the stories)- mine is not consistent it comes and goes.

Along with other minor things. I think many could relate to the few I have listed. Anyway, I say all this to say I needed someone to train me with all the stuff I go through at my level of the do’s and don’ts. It came to me in a vision… really it did. It came to me to study to become a fitness trainer or what I want to call wellness trainer with people with chronic conditions. I understand and know first hand as a mm client (if you will) what can and should not be done, that could cause damage or further issues. I’m young and like to look a particular way and basically stay active. I like the steps that I’m making where the future could bring me in helping many like myself. Well enough of that, as I still have some areas to study and so forth- but more details to follow I hope very soon.

On that note- I’ll end it here but I promise to post more often – my gosh it’s been a year.

Today is 9/28/2016 and I feel moderately well today.