FINALLY……good news

Humber River Hospital
Our day started with blood work first then meeting with Doctor P.
All good news from her.  Hemoglobin is up 20 points and his IGG numbers looking good too!  The M Protein number takes longer to get from blood work, but she was happy with what came in already.  It meant that the M Protein is going lower, which tells us the new chemo drug is working.
So, this drug (Revlimid)  is supposed to shrink the tumour in his lymph node in the stomach area.  In August, they will do a CT Scan to check the size and if all goes well, he will qualify for the stem cell transplant.  That will take us into September…..

Princess Margaret Hospital
He has done 5 radiation treatments.  No side effects yet.
I went upstairs to hematology to see if they would give me Tony’s results on the spinal tap test.  I saw the doctor that actually did the test and she told me that everything came back negative!  WooHoo

How’s Tony feeling?
The steroids are in full force for 4 days, then off for 4.
His hands are shaking.
Legs feel weak and tired.  Not sure if it’s from the new chemo or if he’s been more active and therefore, legs are sore.  Time will tell, but after 8 days, he does feel better.
Spirits are good.

All good news.
Life is great again.
I’m feeling the hope.