Finally Better!! Ok, I Learned My Lesson…

Hello May!

Just a quick check in to let you all know I am finally feeling better, and getting beyond my gloom and doom. I was always so healthy, well and active prior to Myeloma, that being a Sickie now is just so difficult for me on so many levels. I can even handle the terminal, incurable cancer diagnosis, if I can just feel ok. When I don’t feel ok, it just sucks the life out of me, drains my optimism, steals my hope, and gives me pause about my continuing purpose here…

But today, thank you Antibiotics, I am a bit better! This past Sunday I finally gave in, accepted that being sick 3 weeks was ridiculous. Even though every day I was a bit better, I finally gave in, and went to Urgent Care. What finally pushed me over the edge, accepting I needed medical evaluation, wasn’t the sinus infection symptoms, as those were clearing up, but it was the awful loss of hearing, fullness in my Right ear, the sense of cotton stuffed in my ear, and the overall annoyance plugged ears feel like. I secretly knew I had tested the limits of my weak immune system’s ability to dominate this crazy bug. Being stubborn, hoping to be who I was before Myeloma, was just down right dumb! Yes, I can no longer live in the past, hoping my body can always heal itself. I’ve been pretty lucky so far with battling the bugs on my own, and actually 90% of the time I do finally get well on my own, but geezzz, what am I proving trying to be so strong, and not getting medicinal help. Pride and Stubbornness in this situation is just plain dumb. Stupid and Dumb. Just call me “Dumb and Dumber” :))

So I went, was quickly evaluated for an Ear Infection, a result of the Sinus Infection that hung around for 3 weeks and collected it’s final cooties in my ear. I was dispensed the Z Pak: Zithromax, Azithromycin antibiotics for 5 days. Yep, I laughed at myself, chided myself, and mentally bopped myself in the head for waiting so long. Dumb! Should have gone in sooner. But again, I didn’t at first, as when I feel so awful, the last thing I want to do is leave my house, then as the sinus infection symptoms sloooooowly improved, I kept thinking I’d be well the next day, or the next, or the next… Dumb. The good news in all of this… no other issues. Chest clear, lungs clear, no pneumonia, no bronchitis, etc. I had effectively battled that part of these evil germs on my own.

Z Pak down the hatch for 2 days now, and headed to take pill #3 after I post this. Amazing what modern medicine can do for a struggling immune compromised, cancer, chemo ravaged body LOL! Duh Julie! Strong miracle myeloma meds are what have kept me alive for 8 years now. Modern medicine is amazing Julie. Accept it! Use it. Take advantage of meds other than myeloma killing meds to heal up. Dumb and stubborn here.

My ear is just now beginning to clear a bit. It doesn’t feel as full, and when I purposely yawn and stretch my face, I can hear the popping and crackling of the ear mechanics! Ahhhhhhhhhh, what a relief! I never had any pain with this, just the dull, clouded, cottony ear fog. Ugh, I just don’t do well, when I am not well. All my positivity drains, my optimism is stolen, and I am just a weak, whiny, feel sorry for myself, why me person. And in the BIG picture of things, these issues are so small. I just lose perspective.

Moving forward….

Next week, Tuesday May 9, I have my monthly Dr appointment and Darzalex infusion. I’ll do labs in a few days, and know my IgA and M Protein status.

ADDITIONALLY… I don’t think I mentioned…. 
I received an email from my Dr, letting me know that my early April PET/CT Scan DID SHOW new, and additional Myeloma LESIONS

I received this news AFTER my last Dr appointment, so I don’t know the details… then I got sick, so I didn’t follow up for details. This adventure never stops, is never dull, nor uninteresting, right! I get well from the cooties, and now prepare myself for myeloma bone destruction news. As a fellow myeloma warrior says: “Myeloma is the gift that just keeps on giving!” Yep, forward march we go, one day at a time, one issue at a time, learning from each challenge, each speed bump, on this crazy road to I don’t know where…

I’ll post the results to this exciting news on May 9 or 10, depending on how I feel from my Darzalex infusion, and the news I hear… May your life be what makes you happy, rewarded, positive, thoughtful and meaningful. And may your body be your friend, and not betray you.

Live happy, live well, and make a difference somewhere, somehow, 
with someone or something as often as you can!