Finally a new blog

It was high time for a new blogpost. So many things have happened, I had hardly any energy and time to write.

It was a beautiful, melancholic day, Monday last week. We had to say goodbye to a very sweet aunt. She died on Monday July 1st, 91 years of age. The oldest sister of my mother. She played an important role in our family. The boys didn’t have a grandmother from my side and she played an important role to make up for that loss. She was crystal clear up to the end and she was totally in control till her final hour. It was good like this. When she deteriorated because of her illness, she called it quits. Up to a few weeks ago she did her daily shopping at the local supermarket. She didn’t mind the four flights of stairs in her Amsterdam apartment. The house had a beautiful view on the river Amstel and she had lived there since 1943, almost 70 years. We spoke at least once a week and we saw each-other as often as possible. Up to two years ago she still drove her car. I’m going to miss her enormously.

My aunt

My aunt

On Tuesday Thomas and Seona headed back to Australia. For more than two months I have been able to enjoy their presence. It was good to be close for such a long period of time. The bond was already strong, but this was really special. On Tuesday evening Erik and Inge moved to their new home, so we were left in our empty nest. They live only 15 minutes from here, which is very nice.

A very nice empty nest, by the way. I must be honest to say that I really enjoy being together with Els again and to be able to do things completely our way. This is the first week of Els’ holiday and the weather is perfect. We really enjoy holiday in our own home and garden.

Last Wednesday I started the chemo’s again. Velcade and Revlimid are tough. I’m often totally exhausted and sometimes I can only lie and do nothing. In the afternoon I take long naps. I watch the Tour de France and often I wake up when he runners have already finished.

The nights are difficult.  Somehow I have to go the toilet every hour of hour and a half. Contiguous nights are something I can only dream of.  But one gets used to anything.

I’m not sure how things go. We live in great insecurity. Wednesday chemo #2 and one more week of Revlimid. On July 31st There will be made a CT-scan of my abdomen. maybe we’ll know more about these wretched blasts. It doesn’t feel right, but we take one day at the time and try to makes as much of it as possible. It don’t come easy….