Fighting Like A Girl 2009-09-28 22:12:00

Ten minutes after I wrapped up last nights post momma took her temperature and it was 101. Per our instructions we paged the on call nurse to find out what we should do. We also told her about the intense back pain. She said the fever was probably what they call an engraftment fever and a result of a big surge in WBCs. She also said to take Tylenol and increase fluids. We made it through the night just fine and headed straight to the cancer center first thing this morning. Nurse Carolyn hooked her up to an IV antibiotic and drew her daily labwork as well as blood cultures.

The back pain and fever last night were definitely GOOD signs! Her WBCs jumped from .4 on Sunday morning to 3,000 this morning! *Insert Devin Hester end zone dance here* If WBCs are at 5,000 tomorrow morning she’ll be able to have the CD 34 test to see if there are enough baby stem cells floating around for collection.

Nurse Carolyn also took her off lock down — meaning she can go out in public! No more MJ mask! Our first stop post lock down — TJMAXX of course (well after a yummy lunch at Strossners).

Hopefully we’ll have even more good news to share tomorrow!

Fighting Like A Girl