Fighting Like A Girl 2009-09-26 09:19:00

Yesterdays trip to the cancer center was a quick one. Labwork will continue to taken daily to monitor the recovery of her WBCs. Once the count gets to 5.0 (hopefully Monday or Tuesday) a peripheral blood sample will be tested to see if there are enough baby stem cells ready for collection. They are also monitoring her hemoglobin and platelets — transplant patients typically need to be given blood and/or platelets. Nurse Carolyn didn’t see a need for blood, platelets, or fluids yesterday after she saw the labwork results. Momma has been put on 2 antibiotics to help fight any potential infections since she’s so vulnerable right now.

Since the cancer center is closed on the weekends we have to go over to St. Francis for weekend labwork. We made our way there this morning, wondering if they’d be as confused as they were last time we were there. When we walked in the nurse said “so it’s been 12 days since your transplant?” I immediately thought, “here we go again”. We set her straight (no we’re only in the mobilization stage) and she seemed to be okay after that. A quick blood draw and review of lab results and we were on our way. We’ll return tomorrow for labwork — hopefully we’ll see those WBCs starting to recover.

It’s a rainy chilly morning here. Momma is writing thank you notes to tons of people who’ve been so kind to her during all of this. I’m going to finish up my new Nicholas Sparks book — none of his books will ever compare to The Notebook.

Also, we found out yesterday that my dad’s sister was admitted to the hospital. She’s on our minds today.

Fighting Like A Girl