Fifty First Snow and a Ladybug

I am told that it always snows just before my birthday.
This year, it was a day late.

I took a holiday to celebrate – not by getting inebriated (tempting though it was) but to take delivery of my brand new shiny spinning wheel – yay!

It is a Schacht Ladybug.  Every one has a tiny red and black pin in a secret location – every one is unique.

FL was asleep when it arrived and missed the hilarity of its assembly.  I felt quite proud when I had finished, without the need to refer to a “how to” video.

Actual spinning took me rather longer.  (And several videos.)

But by the end of the weekend, I was producing a passable single in a particularly pungent hue of pond scum green.

The fibre I used was not the best choice for a beginner, but I didn’t want to ruin the good stuff.

This only cost me £3.25 for 100g from World of Wool and is a blend of merino, bamboo and soy bean.  It is wonderfully silky to the touch, but very slippery.

I am amazed I managed to spin it at all.
Proper sheepy wool will be a relief after this.


In knitting news, I am storming through my bright orange Angelus Novus cardigan.  I predict it will be finished before the end of the month. 

There is also secret Christmas knitting.  But it is a secret :)


I don’t quite know what to tell you about FL.

He is really struggling at the moment.

We are at the hospital every two weeks now.
No Pomalidomide, no dexies.

He is in a great deal of pain, has a chest infection and an eye infection, and is completely miserable.
I don’t like leaving him alone, but I can’t always work from home.

The Consultant asked me if we were coping and I said “We are managing”… but I know it is not sustainable.

I did not opt for Voluntary Severance and I have been Restructured.
It is not ideal, but I am probably one of the lucky ones.

I have blue hair again.
So life is good ;)