Feeling SO much better – Day 10

Wow, the difference a few days can make…..and here’s hoping I’m not tempting fate by writing this!

Got out walking again today for the first time in a week and I feel so much better for it. Much slower than normal as I was trying to take it easy….Nick is away and I need to be sure not to wipe myself out for the kids. But I just love it…..my iphone and me and the world! Oh and the snail that made me think of myself!

Anyway, I’m back to the Marsden tomorrow for the last of my Velcade injections in this cycle…then I get a week off the lovely journey and hopefully won’t be as wiped out as people suggest that you can be. Hopefully I’ll be in and out as quickly as last week, but won’t feel as rubbish when I get home! At least this time, the inlaws are here to help out till Nick gets back so if I need to rest, I can…….assuming I can let them take over….not so good at that one with them for some reason.

They’re staying till Saturday lunch (an early mothering sunday lunch celebration) and then we have till Sunday afternoon just the 4 of us before Nick is off on his travels….again, poor bloke! Still we’re nearly at the end of the travelling and hopefully then things will get a little easier on all of us.