February week two update.

Mike is pretty much the same, but I went down with a bad cold on Wednesday, which doesn’t help when you are trying to take care of someone else almost 24/7. I am feeling slightly better today, the nose is still bunged up and I have a cough, but my energy levels are improved. 

We saw Dr. B. for the last time on Thursday, (that in itself deserves a separate entry), the results of the bone marrow aspirate showed that the cells that produce the platelets are reduced and that there is some dysplasia resulting in reduced red cell production too. The good news was that there is no myeloma, so it is merely the side effects of treatment that are causing Mike’s ill health. In my opinion it is still ultimately the myeloma that has lead us to the situation we now find ourselves in. Without the harsh chemo and gruelling  second SCT Mike would still have a relatively health heart and lungs that worked. There is nothing to be done and no point in being bitter. So we are continuing to try and make the most of the time we still have, that’s when Mike can stay awake long enough. :)