February in Review

Historically, February is the month when I lose courage in my own convictions, find myself close to tears for no good reason, and am likely to spend at least one day fast asleep.  This February was pretty stressful, but I managed to stay well and did not do anything really* stupid – result!

New yarn from FO and Dye on Etsy

I kept to my pledge not to buy shop coffee (that’s two whole months!  £100 saved!)
But… I bought 4 second-hand books, 4 skeins of yarn, a project bag and 4 fat quarters of fabric.
I decided not to renew my subscription to Knit Now magazine, and am considering replacing it with Inside Crochet which excites me far more, even though I have not done any crochet recently.

Finished Neon Monkey socks

I did some tentative sewing, which made me feel like sewing is something I might do again.

Finished Puerperium baby cardi

Knitting occupied my hands and my thoughts for a large part of the month, and I finished 2 shawls, a baby cardigan and a pair of socks.  One of those shawls was a test knit – yay!

New project:  Argent Curl

I read less this month than in January.  A History of Rain and The Interestings are the only library books I spent significant time with and neither is finished.  No audiobook this month, which was a definite gap in my life.  However, just yesterday I started reading Women in Clothes and I am hooked.  It is the outcome of a survey of hundreds of women from many nationalities and backgrounds about their relationship with clothes.  It is absolutely fascinating,  I am only 50 pages into the 514 pages, but it possible that I will spend today reading this and doing nothing else… well, except knitting.  A day can’t go by without my knitting.

New project:  Regia Arne and Carlos socks

Myeloma news
In Myeloma news, FL is still doing well on Pomalidomide.  If I hold my breath much longer I will faint.  I really need to try to relax about his health.  He is coming to the conclusion that he might not be safe on the roads any more… but without the car he is stranded on the farm.
Which leads to the thought that I may not be able to continue to work full time, or we might have to move, or both.  And none of this can be resolved easily or quickly.

*So I cut my hair, dyed my fringe lilac and went “lalala” like any sensible person would.

 Typical February behaviour ;)

PS I kept one side as a bob… so as long as I stay on the right side of the boss… ie his left side, all will be well!  Heheheh.