February 2010

Hello everyone, February has been a pretty good month for us.

Mark had his port checked out and hooray no surgery it was fine. It just needed some cleaning out. Then Mark had all his testing done for our appointment with Dr “Z”. Everything has checked out great! He is still in remission. Mark is doing so well that some of the lesions are mending themselves. This is rear but has been seen in a few patients. In another three months Mark may be off his maintenance (the velcide and Dex he dose every Wed.) if he continues to do so well.

We did get to look at T-5 vertebra and I don’t have much to say there but, “If it don’t hurt, don’t mess with it” the tumor did shrink with the radiation. But the way T-5 exploded really doesn’t give Mark much hope of fixing it. It could paralyze him if the littlest mistake happened. There is always room for a second opinion down the road.

Mark also caught his first cold, bronchitis. Mark’s immune system is like a new baby. He has one now, but it is not strong yet. So this had him down for a few days, he is feeling much better and now knows to stay far away from sick people.

Carlos had his first birthday. Both he and Mark were sick so they could not celebrate together.

Not everyone get’s to drive Grandpa’s car!

I can’t resist bragging.. I did my first 5K! By no means am I a runner. Being an ex smoker (a little over one year) I did my first walk/jog 5k in 45 min in the cold wind. I loved it and who knows what will be next. At first it was to say “BEEN THERE, DONE THAT.. GOT THE T-SHIRT!” (Thanks Tina) But they didn’t give out the T-shirt. All money went to the Red Cross for Haiti. So I loved it and will do it again (March 27th?)
Brrrrrritt and Lori, Nope not cold!
Me and my friend Lori, after