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Okay, so a few things happened to me over the past 3 months…
Viral Infection ( Temporary lost of hearing due to this infection)
Almost bled to death a few blood transfusions…. long story
and the kicker…..

My numbers have spiked time for treatment!
I just returned from my wonderful vacation, as we were sure this would not take place, yet it did.
I survived my transfusion ordeal, though scary and losing me a few times in the hospital, yet I made it.
When I got the back to back news about MM and time to react with treatment, I was devastated- my thought was I will now be one of those people who starts the true dance with myeloma. I wanted to punch something and someone, but after a few days in the Bahamas, I’ve come back with a new perspective. God is not done with me yet…. he could have easily ended this a few weeks ago with my other medical scares, as I was that close to leaving here. Though I’m anxious, nervous about what’s to come, I’m so a fighter and I cannot lose perspective on what life is about…..
Life’s about that fight and making it to the finish line, tired, sweat and all making it through and being a testimony to someone else. I’ve gotten 5 years+ in that in itself was remarkable!

Black Swan Research Initiative awaits, let the questions and possibilities begin!
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 (Another Face of Multiple Myeloma)

I will continue to share my outlook on this disease- Get your issue of Coping Mag my contribution of Coping With Cancer is featured 2014: