Father’s Day 2013 – Frank Malkiewicz Age 92 Years – June 16 2013

Jani (Jani cooked) and I had Dad over for breakfast this morning to celebrate Father’s Day 2013. It is his 67th Father’s Day Celebration!

Jeff and Carol sent him an electronic wine bottle opener which he loved (we think) – we haven’t tried it yet.

Jeff, Dad, Judy on the Big Lost River Smelter Bridge, Mackay Idaho May 1954.

Judy and Dad in Mountain Home, Idaho 1955.

Jani, Dad, and Judy in Mountain Home, Idaho November 1957.

Jani and Judy Malkiewicz, Mountain Home, Idaho (our first television in the background) December 1957, but we preferred our new books at the time!

Judy and Jeff at PHA Housing, Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho. Christmas 1955

Frank Malkiewicz on unaccompanied TDY (without family) in Guam 14 December 1957.

Jani barbecued the rainbow trout from Kase Hainline tonight – it was delicious, but gave me a pretty good case of gastritis afterwards. Jani is NOT FOND of fish.

I was able to walk Kemmer and Zoe around 2 blocks this afternoon – stopping for a brief rest on a log at the former Tipton Estate.