Family Doctor

Family doctor checked out Tony and he is pretty much ok.  Thinks it’s a virus.  No antibiotics because he doesn’t want to interfere with the the chemo treatments.  So, we’ll call the clinic on Friday.  Actually, we shall see how Tony feels in the morning.  Good thing is that there’s no fever.
However, ME, Mary….well, I’m coughing and have a sore throat and wheezing…..I get bronchitis every year.  So, after examining me, he decided to put me on antibiotics and puffers and I got a flu shot.  Since I don’t have a fever, he can administer the flu shot……Now, I’ve been struggling about this flu shot thing for years.  This is only my second one in my entire life.
Tony was reminded once again to stay away from people with colds, etc. especially, little ones.  Young adult ages (our boys) have a GREAT immune system so they can easily carry stuff and not show any symptoms.  Go figure!  So, one had a flu shot and the other is getting his next week.
So, how do I stay away from my husband?