EZ’s Hiking Again!

A year ago EZ was recovering from pneumonia. Fortunately we managed to keep him out of the hospital, but it’s always a bit scary none the less. This year we are taking hikes off the Blue Ridge Parkway! We weren’t quite sure what the trail to Cascade Falls would involve, but EZ was game, so off we went…dogs and all! A little plaque described it as a “30 minute leisurely walk”. It is part of E.B. Jeffress Park.

It didn’t take long to hit some steps…of course we had to remember that what goes down must also come back up! A bit of a challenge with peripheral neuropathy and a damaged sacrum with lots of mangled nerves, but EZ LOVES mountain trails like this and wanted to give it a go; he used to walk them all the time before MM sidelined him.

Before long we spotted the Falls. The sound of the rushing water, the cool misty air, the rustic trail…it was all so beautiful!

Soon it was time to head back up! We took our time, rested when we had to, and felt great about this milestone. We look forward to taking many more hikes in the woods discovering hidden treasures like Cascade Falls!

It was a gorgeous sunny day and we couldn’t leave this spot without a few pictures of the view from the top…just love the endless mountains!!