EZ Goes From Patient to Caregiver

On Sunday, January 8th, EZ’s Mom, Erna, had a fall. She was in her stocking feet, changing clothes after church, and attempted to step up on a piano bench to reach a shelf in her closet. Needless to say, she slipped and toppled over along with the bench. She got a nasty bruise on her right temple, and was very sore in the area of her right hip, with pain in her right leg when she bore weight or laid on her right side. A real concern for someone who is 87 years old. After an all night visit to the ER, a CT scan, X-rays, and an MRI revealed a fractured pelvis, but the bones were not displaced and would knit back together over time. Miraculously, she was able to return home early Monday morning with prescriptions to help manage pain, and instructions to take it easy.
We happened to be in Boone (after our visit there with Leah and Emery), so we were less than two hours away from the Bakers’ home when the accident