Exciting days

Yesterday Els managed to take a day off to come with me to the exciting conversation we we going to have. The results of the MRI and maybe a therapy that would be suggested. We were completely wiped away when we heard that the results were not in yet. We had to wait till today to hear what was going on.

My suspicions were true, there was a plasmacytoma that was bothering me. On my pubic bone this time, causing pain walking. This was what I had been expecting. I will be called by radiotherapy this week. There will be one ore more radiations. I’ve heard that this works very rapidly. I do hope so because I really want to be able to walk without pain. Tuesday I will hear which new therapy there will be in store for me. I understand that the REP cure is one of the possibilities. REP stands for Revlimid, Endoxan (the old cyclofosfamide as a pill) and Prednison. This gives me faith, because my blogbuddy of the first hour Bas, responds very good to that for over one and a half year.