Everybody’s Talkin’

Since I purchased my home I have been inundated by a deluge of mails. These mails attempt to sign me up for either mortgage insurance or a “better” payment plan which will supposedly save me money. The vast majority of the mailings do not represent themselves as offers for services, instead they try to appear as followup paperwork from the closing that requires my signature. I would consider these mailings to be overt fraud, but the law apparently permits this exploitation just as it does bogus email offers. The thing is, I have a mortgage and a payment schedule I’m happy with, and I have real enduring mortgage payoff insurance, provided through the Veterans Affairs Department. When I say “real,” I mean that it’s pretty straight forward stuff: the mortgage insurance will pay up to $90,000 owing on a mortgage, often paying it off entirely or bringing the remaining balance with realistic reach of the veterans heirs. Many, perhaps I should say most all of the mortgage insurance offers I have actually scrutinized were fraught with so many contingencies and disclaimers that I was literally unable to figure out what they would really pay –or if they would.