Enjoying Life and relying upon Science

I want to encourage everyone out there in the Myeloma community to live life LARGE.  I have no better way to put it.  My late brother, who if you have been reading this blog had Myeloma and passed in 2007 gave me some sound advice after he was diagnosed, “If you want to do something do it, If you want to eat or drink something eat or drink as much of it as you want!”
I have attempted to follow my late brother’s advice, I have spent and went on many vacations with my kids,   you may view some of the pictures here from our 2005 Wyoming, Colorado, South Dakota trip!
Since than I have went to Siesta Key with Laura and the kids, also to Gulf Shores Alabama.  I have enjoyed every last moment of what I have done and what I yet will do, health allowing.

Now, regarding “our” collective hope.
I regard the research into stem cells and the advances in the Human Genome Project to be our greatest and best hope.    UAMS is pioneering research into  Gene Expression and Therapies related to their research are providing discoveries daily.  My thoughts are of course of the present!   What will I do this evening?  What will I do tomorrow?   Recently, I tried and won a case  and my client went home to his family after having been in jail for months awaiting trial.   The future is about our daily lives but also
about what we as individual Myeloma patients can contribute to humankind through the research that is a part of our treatment.

So, I ask each of you to volunteer to be in a clinical trial, not just for yourselves but for future generations to help find a cure for this scourge!!!