Emotional eating.

As you have probably guessed I haven’t lost any weight this week or if you are an optimist I haven’t put any on. I only managed two healthy days before I returned to my bad habit of eating and drinking to satisfy my emotional hunger, a phrase I heard twice last night during two different TV programmes. I cannot really go into everything that has made me emotionally hungry here. 

I often find myself in an endless downward spiral of I’m overweight, so I’m unhappy and unable to do things, which makes me eat, which makes me hate myself, which make me eat, which makes me unhappy, which makes Mike try and help by suggesting I try exercise, which I struggle with as I get very short of breath, which makes me eat, and so it goes on and on. I have to break the cycle, but to do so I have to try and make both myself and Mike more content, not an easy task. 

I still can’t believe Paula has been gone 7 months to the day.