Emerald Coast Cruizin"

We had great fun at Emerald Coast Cruizin’ a couple of weeks ago.

Dear friend, Donn, once again gave us VIP tickets to this event.

It was HUGE this year.  I wish that this photo would reflect the entire show.  This was just part of it.

After walking around for awhile, Dom noticed alot of young men on scooters, and thought, “What the hell!”.  It was great for his back.   I got my exercise, but was sore for days!

The weather was delightful.  Sunny with low humidity.  I managed to lay in the sun a few days.  The water was pristine, but much too cold to go in.

On the way home, we stopped at the VA Hospital in Biloxi for Dom’s obligatory appointment with his VA Oncologist, Dr. Rogers.

It was rather bittersweet.  She was so pleased with his health, that she cut him loose!  Told us that if he ever has to go back on any type of cancer drugs or maintenance, to let her know, and she’ll take care of everything.

She is one of our favorite doctors.  We all hugged.  Sounds silly, but we’re going to miss that gal!