Election Day 2012–GO VOTE

Finally, it will soon be over!   And not a minute too soon for me.  I and I am sure the rest of you out there are sick to death of politicians political ads.  Now I will not pretend that I am not biased toward one man running for President, but I am certainly sick to death of most political commercials!!!

Now onto the most important topic for our government….BIPARTISANSHIP
It is not a dirty word but you would think it is having lived the last 20 years in this country, particularly
the last few years……..Where are the statesmen or stateswoman of the past.
Henry Clay is rolling over and over and over dervishly in his grave in Lexington Kentucky , along with in their respective Graves:   Daniel Webster,   Robert Taft,  Herbert Hoover,  Gerald R. Ford,  Jacob Javitts, Nelson Rockefeller,  Carl Albert, Frank McCormick, Dwight D. Eisenhower,  Ronald R. Reagan, Richard M. Nixon and Thomas P. Tip O’Neil!!!!!

The fiscal cliff is Jan 1, 2013 , are the dumbass’ in charge going to march this country off that cliff OR
are they going to do like the above mentioned  statesmen did and place country above politics…
i will repeat that,   PLACE COUNTRY ABOVE POLITICS

Too many men and women like my father, uncle and father in law fought for this country ruining their health and some DYING so that this land of ours could remain free~