Egg Roll in a Bowl

As I had a couple of no-shows for St. Patrick’s Day, I had a few extra carrots and a head of cabbage in the refrigerator.

Thinking this was going to be easy, I got started.  Couldn’t find my grater.  BOO.

Used a knife to “shred” my cabbage and carrots.  (This would have been SO EASY to just dump in a bag of coleslaw mix!)

I cooked 1 pound of GROUND PORK with 6 cloves of GARLIC and about half of an ONION.

In a glass bowl, I combined 1/2 cup of SOY SAUCE with a teaspoon of GINGER.

Put my shredded VEGGIES in with the pork, dumped in the liquids and cooked until cabbage was almost cooked, but still crunchy.  This was fun.

I might try this with a couple of cans of small shrimp next time!