Echocardiogram and Pulmonary Function Tests – May 2 2012

Jani and I got up at o’dark thirty to be at UCH for my 7 AM echocardiogram. After the test, we went upstairs to the 11th Floor Inpatient to visit Shawn Egle who is on her 4th VD-PACE. She looks great and we had a nice visit.Then, we drove around Denver and found the house where we used to live in 1967-1968..oh, the memories. We had to pass time while my echocardiogram was read by the cardiologist so they could decided if I could have pulmonary function tests scheduled for 3 PM today. Pulmonary function tests can be dangerous if you have a blood clot in your heart.From there we went to the Denver Museum of Natural History along with EVERY school child in Colorado on their class field trips. I wore my mask, but even then – I was leary of all those germs, I mean children.