I’m not one for celebrating Easter, either religiously or commercially. I think personally both a waste of time. Charito on the other hand is very religious and I wouldn’t take that away from her. So on the Friday I took her to town, where there was supposed be a silent walk from the Town Hall to the a local church, starting at 11am. After waiting for quite a while nobody seemed to have turned up so Charito went into the Chester Cathedral instead. I stayed in the car for a while and then noticed that people had started to turn up for the walk later than was advertised on their web site. I didn’t think it would be appropriate to try and ring Charito in the Cathedral so left her there whilst I would go for a coffee in Baristas, just at the moment an old work colleague text me as I had just used Instagram to take a photo of the cathedral and posted it on Twitter and he had seen it and was in Chester at the same time and asked if I wanted to go for a coffee. So we both met up and had a good chat. It’s been a while