Early Christmas Presents- What Fun!

Christine and Troy got me LED Wine Glasses and a set of 9 LED “Ice Cubes”…. these pictures don’t reflect how beautiful they are!  You can set the cubes to flash or stay on.  The glasses can be set to change colors if you wish…. LOVE THESE!

In PCB, there’s a store that sells retro toys.  Dom always pops in to see what’s new.  The last time we were there, he asked the manager if he had access to an old-time electric vibrating football game that he had as a child.  No luck.

Then, when Christine and Troy were here, he mentioned it to them.  I got jiggy with it on the computer and found this on Amazon.  He’s tickled!

And, of course, I’m absolutely tickled with my Kindle 8.9″ HD!

HO HO HO!!!!!!!!!!