E-Race Cancer Media Stories

After running 50 or so marathons on our own, my family and I joined up with Team Continuum and Tackle Cancer last year. Both were started by men with myeloma, both raise money to benefit families with children who have cancer, and both have research goals as well.

This is the E-Race Cancer campaign, which has resulted in several media stories about my running. I’ve never really been a public person before, but I must admit that this is sort of fun.

This list is a nice, clean-looking table.  If it looks messed up, try widening your browser window:

Date   Media/Place   What   Link

2012 Jul 07 Burlington VT Free Press Print & Internet Internet Story

2012 Jun 28   Living with Myeloma Pat Killingsworth blog Internet Blog

2012 Jun 26 Alaska Public Radio Web video story Internet Video

2012 Jun 25 KYUR/KTBY Anchorage   ABC and Fox TV story Internet Video

2012 Jun 25 KTUU TV Anchorage TV news story Internet Video

2012 Jun 21 Anchorage Daily News Print story, Don is toward end    Internet Story

2012 Jun 17 KSTP TV Mpls/St Paul TV sports story, John Gross Internet Video

2012 Mar 08 Bay Weekly, Annapolis Print & Internet Internet Story

2011 Dec 14 Gizmodo.com Internet news story Internet Story

2011 Dec 12    Brazil TV news story Internet Story

2011 Nov 30 Alternative Medicine Mag    Internet news story Internet Story

2011 Nov 29 CNN Video CNN on “American Morning” Internet Video

2011 Nov 04 EverydayHealth.com Internet news, six people Internet Story

2011 Oct 24 Business Wire Internet news story Internet Story

2011 Oct 23 Mpls StarTribune Print story, Tim Harlow Internet Story

2011 Oct 17 For Colored Gurls Internet story & video Internet Story

2011 Oct 15 WFSB TV Hartford, CT TV news wrapup Internet Video

2011 Oct 13 Kick Runners Forums Internet news story Internet Story

2011 Oct 02 WCSH6 TV Portland, ME TV news story, Jackie Ward Internet Video

2011 Sep 30 Portland Press Herald Print story, Glenn Jordan Internet Story

2011 Sep 16 WJET TV Erie, PA. TV news story Internet Video

We have now finished 65 marathons in 46 states. We have finished four marathons so far this year, and are registered for marathons in the four remaining states (West Virginia, New Hampshire, New Mexico, and Hawaii). If all goes well, we will finish in December.

A permanent link to this list is located in the right panel under E-Race Cancer Links. The list will be kept up to date.