Drum roll please….

..after just one cycle of chemo my para proteins have reduced from 32 to 5. This is great news and shows that the the cancer is responding well to the new drug regime.

I feel that the chemo is also starting to take its toll on my body as I begin to slow down and feel quite nauseous, still it’s a small price to pay.

Today we have had some sandbags delivered as the water is getting closer and closer and starting to flow through the air bricks and under the house. Better to be safe than sorry.

I am excitedly waiting for the builders to turn up and start work on my new bathroom. Although they did say they were starting this weekend it’s already nearly 9.30 so I am now not so sure? However we have managed to sort out everything ready for when they do come along and are just very grateful that we are getting it done at all. I am looking forward to showing you the finished results so here is the before photo’s. Plenty of room for improvement I think!


So it’s a quiet day for me I think as I am not sure I am to much more.

Have a good weekend

Deborah x

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