Dress hunt

I’m trying to dream up and find, my perfect party dress for July 13th. The trouble is finding something I love in my size. In my dreams it will be a chiffon, lacy, cream, floaty affair coming just below the knee. With perhaps the odd daisy sewn on. I did find this amazing designer on the net and I thought I had bookmarked the site but sadly I can’t find it now. In reality I will probably be covered up as it does seem rather cold in the evenings, I am counting on the CC Smugglers to keep us up and dancing. I am really getting excited about it now, I just need to think a bit more about how to decorate the inside of the barn. Any arty volunteers most welcome, although we do have a few ideas in mind, but it’s rather a large space to cover.

Unfortunately I am sitting at the peak of the mountain as far as the pain is going, especially in the evenings when it becomes a killer and I just try to sleep to forget about it. Never mind I must be on the way down very soon!

Tomorrow we have plans to visit a museum that has one of the Wellington aircraft just like my grandfather used to fly, but it is quite a drive away so we shall just have to wait and see as far as my health is concerned, although I has been looking forward to it.

Today I will enjoy a pretty lazy Sunday. I hope you do too.

Deb x