Dpace Chemo Day 3 – Getting weaker

As expected, the effects of chemo are kicking in .  This morning he was very weak.  In fact he felt dizzy when he got up and stumbled a bit.  His coughing continues.  A bit of phlegm is present. Shortness of breath is evident now when he speaks.
We were at Princess Margaret this morning at 9am.  TWO HOUR DRIVE THIS MORNING!!!!!
Long long long.
The usual routine went pretty smoothly.  We were done by 11:30.  No fever.  Blood pressure still good. They don’t want to do blood work this week.  They will be checking his levels on Monday.
For now, the next step is to disconnect him this Friday morning.
As I type, he is over half done his chemo.
As I type, he has 60 hours completed out of 96…..almost there Tony, almost there.
As I type, Robert has googled “What is Dpace chemo” and my blog is 5th in the search engine……OMG!