Dpace Chemo Day 2 – Doing well

29 hours of 96 hours behind us, as I type.
We decided to sleep separately last night.  The bag holding the chemo would have been between us in bed and the instructions were to keep at room temperature.  I was concerned about us both leaning into it or on it and warming it up.  So, our son helped to drag a single mattress on the floor so I could be near.  It worked ok, I guess.  He didn’t cough often, which was good, but the pump kept going on to administer the chemo.  It was difficult to fall asleep, but we both did ok.
This morning he ate a good breakfast, but lunch was not successful. He just isn’t hungry.  Fluid intake is ok.  We did walk to the mailbox this afternoon.  He was extremely winded, but he did it!  YAY.
He still has a slight dry cough.  No fevers.
Tomorrow we need to go back to the hospital to change the bag.