Dpace Chemo Day 1 – Finally here!

UGH!  On the road by 7am.  We are NOT morning people.  It was still dark outside!!!!
On the car ride downtown Toronto, I rubbed Tony’s belly and said “Let’s do this”.
Must get those lymph nodes reduced.
We arrived at the hospital before 9am.  He was able to walk on his own to the chemo infusion lab. Opted out for a chair on wheels!  Good sign, right?
They hooked him up to his picc line and off we went with a bag.  Quite heavy, but he carried it by his side. He has two battery operated IV pumps.  We were done by 11am.  Not bad, actually.  We even got a visit from the stem cell transplant coordinator, Andrew, which was nice.
Reminded us that any temperature of 38.5 or over, we must go to emergency.  Any coughing up of phlegm, yellow or green,we must go to emergency.  Not allowed any Tylenol to mask signs of fevers.  Other than that, see you on Wednesday.  In the meantime, his appetite is so little.  The sweats from the neck up have begun.  Quite often actually.  Just like when he was in the hospital weeks ago.  Thank goodness for that battery operated fan!
I shall keep you posted nightly till the weekend.
As he says “currently done, 8 of 96 hours”.  Gosh, when you put it that way, it sounds so far away.
Keep those illnesses away.  Let’s stay positive!  He can do this!  We ask at this time that visitors stay away as his immunity system will be compromised for the next two weeks.
In the meantime, any good advice on how to get him to drink or eat more would be appreciated.  He will soon have a “metal” mouth so I shall have to be creative to get him to eat and drink.
Feel free to email or text me with ideas.