Doyathinkhesaurus? And other sock news.

When The Boy was a toddler his favourite t shirt was printed with rows of spoof dinosaurs.
Alongside such dino-dudes as the Spotiosaurus aand the Stripeosaurus, there were a couple of dodgy characters from the species Doyouthinkhesaurus.

Call me sad and nostalgic if you like, but in celebration of my son’s graduation and coming of age, I am knitting him a pair of dinosaur socks.
No, he doesn’t know about this.  Please don’t tell him!  They are intended as a Christmas surprise.
I took the dinosaurs from the Brachiosockus Pattern, but adapted it to be wider and top-down instead of toe up.  I also decided to use a 3×1 rib on the leg for a better fit than plain stockinette.  So really the only feature remaining from the original is the dinosaur silhouette :)
Prior to being swept up by such prehistoric madness, I finished my first Wise Owl  Poppy sock.

I really like the look of it, though the heel shaping is very much narrower than I am used to and I am not sure it will be comfortable underfoot.  We’ll see.
And before my August sock club package arrives, I ought to show you the July offering from the Knitting Goddess / Rachel Coopey collaboration.

This is the Maleficent colourway.  I really must cast on another of my sock club patterns – they are all so beautiful.