Don’t Be Sad

Dearest friends and family,

A good friend who saw my post said they felt sad.  Please don’t be sad!  I realize it can be a bit of a shock to people when they first hear it, and one of the harder things for me when I was in hospital with a myeloma related problem a couple of summers ago was seeing how upset my family were by it.  I’ve had a lot longer to come to terms with the idea of living with this, and am at peace with it, though it seems like my life’s focus these days has become trying to figure out how to overcome it (peace is different than ignoring a problem).  I don’t really get upset about this myself — other stuff sometimes, but not the myeloma situation.

My main way of dealing with this has been to arm myself with information.  I have read book after book about natural cancer treatments and nutrition.  And I have a great oncologist and two excellent cancer-focused naturopaths, so am trying to utilize the best of both worlds.  In that respect, I am well cared for. 

This has actually been a very good thing in many ways, as a diagnosis like this really brings you back into appreciation of how precious absolutely everything about your life really is.  We take SO much for granted.  We all know so abstractly that we’re going to die someday, nothing lasts forever, etc.  But when something confronts you as big and potentially uncontrollable as this, you really really get that there are a set number of days for every one of us on this planet, and to make the most of every single one.

I find tremendous daily inspiration from Pastor Steve’s Unfolding Light website, so if you’re feeling upset or unsettled, I highly recommend wandering over there and drinking your fill.