Dom’s Progress with Darzalex

We went to the Slidell Cancer Center for Dom’s 2nd Darzalex infusion on Thursday.

First, they gave him Tylenol and drips of Steroids, Pepsid and Benedryl.

Then they brought out the bag of Darzalex.  It broke open!  (Which contaminated it).  There was no more Darzalex in the building.  They would have had to drive an hour round-trip to get some, but it was already 11 am.  That would have kept us there very late.

So, they apologized and asked us to return on Friday morning. 

I’m happy to say that the Darzalex infusion was cut down to only 4 hours!  We were at the Cancer Center for a total of 6 hours!  We were tickled, as the week before was a 10 1/2 hour visit.  During the infusion, the pharmacist stopped by.  He checked his latest shipment of bags and found 4 or 5 defective bags.  His new policy is to check the bags before mixing up the medicine.

Once again, Dom had NO ADVERSE reactions!  We’re extremely hopeful and feeling positive!

He’s doing just great!